Chu Teh Chun

Chu Teh-Chun was born in 1920 in the district of Jiangsu, China.

Graduated from the Arts Academy in Hangzhou in 1941, he was nominated in 1942 to be a  teacher at Nankin University.
He travels and discovers Chinese landscapes which are an inspiration for him.
In 1951, he settled in Taipei where he taught occidental painting at the National University.

In 1955, he settled in Paris to perfect his art culture and had his first solo exhibition in 1957. The artist opened a new chapter in abstract art, inspired by calligraphy. His art met with success in France and others countries following solo and group exhibitions in Pittsburg, Jerusalem, Athens, Sao Paulo.

In 1987 he was elected a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts of the Institut de France. In 2002, he painted a monumental painting for the Shanghai Opéra.
In 2004, Chinese Year in France, several exhibitions were dedicated to him. In 2008, he had a solo exhibition in the Marlborough Gallery in New York.